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The law defines domestic violence as the use of threats, force, and other forms of violence against a family member or others living in the same household. Once the authorities have been alerted of domestic violence in the home, the case becomes a criminal matter. Law enforcement does not take cases lightly, either. If convicted, one could face numerous penalties, depending on the circumstances, the severity of the violence, and whether or not there were injuries.

If you are being accused, you need to contact a Plano criminal defense lawyer now. Attorney Scott Edgett has over a decade of experience and has handled thousands of court cases. He knows how to obtain favorable case outcomes for clients.

Domestic Assault in TX

In Texas, domestic violence is known as domestic assault. Prosecutors must prove that the violence was committed intentionally, or that the threat of violence was intentional. A more serious form of domestic violence is called aggravated domestic assault. This may be charged if the alleged victim has sustained serious bodily injury.

The following are elements of domestic assault:

  • Intentionally causing physical harm to another person
  • Intentionally threatening to harm another person
  • Intentionally making physical contact with another person, knowing that that individual will find the act offensive

These are the elements of aggravated domestic assault:

  • Intentionally causing serious bodily injury to another person
  • Using a deadly weapon while committing assault on another person

Furthermore, family members of the defendant may ask the courts to issue a restraining order. This will force the defendant to maintain a certain distance away from the family and refrain from speaking with them. Because the consequences can be immense, if you have been accused, every case can be defended. Talk to Plano domestic violence lawyer, Scott Edgett, as soon as possible, to form a defense in your favor.

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