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Have you been arrested for drug trafficking? You might already be aware that the penalties for drug trafficking in Texas can be harsh. Because our state is a border state, it has become one of the largest thoroughfares for drug trafficking. In response to this, law enforcement is very attentive and on the watch for the possibility of anyone who may be transporting drugs.

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Defenses to Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking is a direct violation of the laws, under the Texas Controlled Substances Act. This means that anyone can be found guilty of a criminal charge, if they are found transporting a controlled substance and the evidence is convincing enough to merit the charge. As a Plano drug crime attorney, Scott Edgett can review your case for you to determine what defense strategy can work for your case.

Here are some of the possible defenses to drug trafficking charges:

  • Lack of knowledge
  • Facts were misconstrued or misinterpreted
  • Insufficient evidence to support the charge
  • Duress—someone forced you or threatened harm or death if you did not carry the drugs

The penalties for drug trafficking can be tremendous; for example, carrying 100 to 999 grams of heroin may be charged as a federal crime, which means that you not only face penalties from the state but the federal government as well. These penalties can include thousands of dollars in fines and five years or more in federal prison.

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