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When you have been accused of a federal crime, you need an exceptional attorney on your side. While there are many competent law firms in the Plano area, federal crimes are of an especially sensitive nature. This type of criminal charge requires an attorney who is very familiar with representing federal cases and can strategize intelligently to increase the chances of a successful outcome. When it comes to fighting serious charges, Plano federal crime lawyer Scott Edgett of the Law Offices of Scott Edgett is familiar with the consequences you are facing.

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You are likely feeling extremely shaken and overwhelmed, as your future is at stake. It is wise to hire an attorney who has notable experience in this complex area of the law. Scott Edgett is familiar with the way that federal agencies (such as the CIA and FBI) conduct investigations and build cases. He has more than a decade of experience and is here so that you do not have to fight these types of charges alone.

Federal crimes include the following:

  • Counterfeiting
  • Kidnapping
  • Money laundering
  • Weapons charges
  • Fraud
  • Terrorist threats
  • Federal sex crimes

Crimes of this nature are tried and prosecuted in federal court, and if you are convicted you will face very serious penalties. This can include large fines, mandatory registration as a sex offender (for sex crimes), and extensive terms of imprisonment. Federal offenses are generally committed on federal property and they are typically deemed more severe than state crimes.

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At the Law Offices of Scott Edgett, he understands that federal laws and charges can be quite complex. Whether you are currently under investigation or have been arrested, it is imperative that you hire a knowledgeable Plano federal crime lawyer to defend you.

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